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Oil Pressure Switch 6# Cut-Out HK06UC011 Oil Pressure Switch 6# Cut-Out. SKU: HK06UC011 Carrier. SKU: HK06UC011. Brand: Carrier-+ $364.27 each ADD TO CART. ... High Pressure Switch HK02ZA365 High Pressure Switch. SKU: HK02ZA365 Carrier. SKU: HK02ZA365. Brand: Carrier-+ $262.18 each
Flash Flush Gallon; R134a Refrigerant 12oz; R134a with Performance Booster & Leak Stop 12oz; R134a with Leak Stop 12oz; R134a Extended Mileage with Leak Stop 12oz; R134a with U/V

An engine driven compressor pumps the cold low pressure vapor and compresses it into hot high pressure gas. ... good and the dash controls operate then the odds are very strong that you are low on refrigerant and the low pressure cutout switch is preventing the 12 volt power from going to the clutch to engage it. ... If the low pressure switch ...Pick up a single pressure control switch to protect your compressor from losing refrigerant in your commercial refrigeration or air conditioning system. Choose from low and high pressure controls that can be used for R12, R22, R134A, R502 and other noncorrosive refrigerants.Finned high-efficiency copper tube condensing coil, complete with safety grille. AXIAL FAN Axial fan, complete with thermal cut-out and safety grille. FLUID POWER CIRCUIT Fluid power circuit with centrifugal pump without tank, with maximum available pressure 3 bar, dual oil safety pressure switch, 0-10 bar oil pressure gauge, regulation sensor. item 1 A/C Compressor High Pressure Relief Valve (HPRV) for R134a w/3/8"-24 threads 1 - A/C Compressor High Pressure Relief ... Free shipping. item 2 A/C Pressure/Cut-Out Switch Four Seasons 35762 2 - A/C Pressure/Cut-Out Switch Four Seasons 35762. $12.74. Free shipping. item 3 A/C Pressure/Cut-Out Switch Four Seasons 35762 3 - A/C Pressure/Cut ...

R-134a System Pressure Chart - AC Pro. Home / FAQs / Diagrams/Specs / R-134a System Pressure Chart.
Replace the HPCO (High Pressure Cutout switch). Refer to the appropriate Service Manual for location. For vehicles without HPCO switches, install a switch and wiring overlay in the system on the high pressure R-134a adaptor switch tee as specified in the Adaptation Component Chart.

Car AC Pressure Switch Testing. Auto air conditioning pressure switch testing allows you to diagnose potential or existing AC problems. Pressure testing the vehicle's low and high ports, which are connected to the AC compressor, is beneficial in regard to thermometer, compressor, leak detection and refrigerant diagnosis.Cheap Pressure Gauges, Buy Quality Tools Directly from China Suppliers:Car Air Conditioning Pressure Manifold Gauge Hose Kit for R134A R12 R22 R502 Refrigerant Pressure Gauge Set with Storage Box Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return.

The cut-in value of the low-pressure switch is generally set to a saturation pressure equivalent to the minimum expected ambient temperature. One manufacturer recommends a low-pressure switch setting of 15 psig cut in and 4 psig cut out, but that may not be an acceptable setting for all systems and all manufacturers.
Cheap , Buy Quality Directly from China Suppliers:Universal R134a High / Low Pressure Switch Sensor A/C AC Air Conditioning 9mm/11mm Thread Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return.

High pressure safety cutout is on the compressor. The low side switch is on the accumulator. The switch on the accumulator is to keep the evaporator from freezing up by cycling the compressor clutch. So 35 PSI R134a is 40 degrees - the range the switch should kick off the compressor. 3 cans is 2.25 LBS.This is a Brand New Trane / American Standard Limit Switch High Pressure Cutoff Control. The Part number is CNT00607 (also X13200276010 & ACB-2UA68W). Thanks for looking and good luck!OEM Replacement for Old Part #s:Partial List of Trane/American Stan

Binary Switch w/ R-134a Discharge Port 7/16". Be the first to review this product. Availability: In stock. Part Number. 119-9914. $17.31. This adapter will allow you to add a high low pressure switch and a R-134a high port to a stock R-12 system. The Tee fitting screws onto the factory R-12 high side port converting it to a charge port for R-134a.

C033, Page 1 HIGH PRESSURE INVESTIGATION OF REFRIGERANTS HFC245fa, R134a and R123. Bo O. Jacobson1*, Guillermo E. Morales Espejel2 1Machine Elements Division, Lund University, Box 118, SE-22100 Lund, Sweden Phone +46 462228506, Fax +46 462228504,

well since the fox bodies were not designed for r134a they do not have a high pressure switch, since 134a runs at higher pressures your system will cycle less. the general rule of thumb when converting is 70-80 percent of the r12 capacity. its been a while so i dont remember what the r12 capacity is so you are going to have todo the math. another thing it seems as though you have the low ...gohantee R12 R22 R502 Screw to R134A Fast Conversion Adapter Valve, R12 to R134A Conversion Kit, Adapter Switch R12 R22 R502 to R134A Quick Connector, High/Low Side 1/4" SAE (7/16"-20 Thread) Ports 3.8 out of 5 stars 11

Follow along with Tim Smith as he walks you through the steps to diagnosing a faulty high-pressure cutout switch (HPCO) on a residential A/C.Is the thermosta...Year: 1984 Make: Chey Model: C-10 Pickup Engine Size: 305 Refrigerant Type: R134a. I know the high pressure switch is required on a R134a conversion, at least it is on mine since I don't have on in the system already. I noticed the "T" fitting kit that ackits sells says that the switch is for both low and high cut off.

Specifications. Fan Override High Pressure Switch. Metric: Female M10 1.25. 2 Pin. Normally Open. Close-270psi Open-200psi. Replaces: P93CAA36061, P93CAA3606-1, 18-038536, 18-03836, RD-5-8218-0P, 18-04307. Advance Truck Parts Reference Number # W029034. Note: For Pigtail Harness Connector use W094123A.Low pressure switches can be replaced with out discharging the system,every high pressure switch I have seen on the drier had to be replaced with an empty system or they came with the new drier.I dont believe there are any more R-12 driers out there you may be forced to retrofit. Its bad karma to put R-134A into a drier not ment for it the ...

Item # 461-6000. T Steel R134 Retrofit Switch Adapter w/ 1 Female 3/8" - 24 Switch Port, 16mm Charge Port, Attaches to 3/16" R12 Port, Auto. View Item.High pressure: Pressure sensing element: Bellows: Product accessories: Switches accessories: Product description: Pressure Switch: Product family name: KP: Product group: Switches and thermostats: Product name: Pressure switch: Quantity per packing format: 32 pc: Refrigerant oil compatibility: Oilfree applications R134a R513A R515B ...0130R00003 High Pressure Cutout Switch. Product: 93376. MFG: 0130R00003. Sign in To View Price And Inventory. Loading Inventory. Qty. Add to Cart. Loading Inventory. Inventory At Nearby Branches.

P70, P72, and P170. P70, P72, and P170 controls for high pressure commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications are designed for high pressure cutout control, head-pressure control, and condenser fan cycling control. The P72 models provide direct control of 208-240 volt single-phase motors up to 3 horsepower, and 208-220 volt 3 ...Compressor Oil Fill Fitting 9. R-134a High Pressure Cutout Switch 5. R-134a Compressor 10. Compressor Discharge Temperature Sensor. Figure 13: R-134a Compressor Compartment. 39 Unit Description. 12 34 56 7 8. AXA0363. 1. R-134a Receiver Tank 5. HIGH SIDE PRESSURE SETTINGS for systems WITHOUT HIGH SIDE PRESSURE RELIEF High Pressure Cutout [HPCO SAFETY] CUT OUT 375 375 575 [Sat T] [149 °F] [178 °F] [145 °F] NOTES The HPCO pressure switch is located in the discharge line. HPCO switch should be: 1) Non-adjustable 2) Manual reset 3) Open on pressure rise

R-134a System Pressure Chart - AC Pro. Home / FAQs / Diagrams/Specs / R-134a System Pressure Chart.High quality Orange V5 CONTROL VALVE R134A, 7cm length, 45 psi pressure , fit Daewoon GM Chevrolet Harrison China factory supply US $7.49 - 10.63 / Piece US $8.05 - 11.43 / Piece The cut-in value of the low-pressure switch is generally set to a saturation pressure equivalent to the minimum expected ambient temperature. One manufacturer recommends a low-pressure switch setting of 15 psig cut in and 4 psig cut out, but that may not be an acceptable setting for all systems and all manufacturers.

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A high-pressure cutout switch still is used to monitor pressure on the high side of the A/C system. We are well-beyond the heyday of the R12 to R134a retrofit, but occasionally we still have customers dealing with classic cars that have been retrofitted and need a replacement clutch-cycling switch.